Maple Conference

Join us for an immersive one-hour experience where you will learn the secrets of harvesting the golden liquid from our ancestral forests. Dive into the fascinating world of maple and the making of the famous maple taffy, with tastings included!

The conferences take place every Fridays and Saturdays at 1:00 PM in English and 3:00 PM in French, at a cost of $30 per person. Two booking options are available to you: online booking or booking via email, **specifying the chosen date and time, and optionally your PasseportMTL number. Book now and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of maple magic.

What our visitors are saying

  •   I highly recommend this experience. As an American, I learned so much about maple syrup and Montreal culture that went beyond my imagination.

    thumb Kolleen

      L’expérience était très enrichissante, vous apprendrez comment le sirop d’érable est cultivé et sous quelles formes il peut-être dégusté aujourd’hui, le tout dans la bonne humeur.
    Pour tous les touristes qui… read more

    thumb Maud

      Amazing presentation about her maple farm. I learned a lot about the process to make maple syrup and you will have a chance to taste syrup from her farm.… read more

    thumb Tiffany
  •   Nathalie était super avec l’histoire de la tire de l’eau de l’érable. N’hésitez pas d’aller la voir…vous ne serez pas déçu!

    thumb Patricia

      Very informative and fun.
    Nathalie is very passionate about the maple syrup production in her family farm and as a chef she is doing amazing pastries by using the maple sugar.… read more

    thumb Aline

      Nathalie was great! So informative, wonderful energy, funny. We learned so much. The pacing was terrific and food was amazing. Best syrup of my life. I highly recommend!

    thumb Amy
  •   We greatly enjoyed meeting Nathalie and learning all about making maple syrup. This historical and cultural aspects are fascinating. you get to taste a lot of different syrups in their… read more

    thumb Laurent

      Fun experience, lots to learn about the process — go hungry because you will leave in a sugar coma. Also very reasonable prices for coffee and baked goods in the… read more

    thumb Emily

      Absolutely educational, fun, and sweet! Don’t short yourself by not purchasing some of the baked goods after your tour— you’ll regret it. Such a talented pastry chef! Highly recommend!… read more

    thumb Nicolette
  •   A wonderful experience overall – from the history of maple, to the process of making and of course the tastings! Nathalie’s family has been doing maple for a few generations… read more

    thumb Mohit

      Cette conférence était super intéressante , nous avons adoré la prestation ! Le récit de Nathalie est captivant et ses pâtisseries sont excellentes ! 😋
    Je recommande sans hésiter !!… read more

    thumb Cloé

      Une expérience intéressante, nous avons appris beaucoup de choses sur l’histoire et la fabrication du sirop d’érable !
    Nathalie est pleine d’énergie et d’humour.
    Sans oublier la dégustation des différents… read more

    thumb Lea
  •   Super experience !!
    Un must si vous passez à Montreal car nous avons appris beaucoup de chose et les dégustation étaient excellentes.
    Merci beaucoup

    thumb Léa

      L’expérience a été géniale. Les explications ont été enrichissantes et les produits goutés de qualité et juste exceptionnels. Je recommande vivement.

    thumb Aude

      Nathalie raconte l histoire du sirop à travers ses ancêtres et c est captivant! On sent à travers elle la passion de l artisan. Lieu très convivial et chaleureux.… read more

    thumb Avé

Do you know their unique features?


Golden syrup is produced at the beginning of the spring. Because it’s still cold out, the sap is completely clear. This gives golden syrup a light colour and delicate flavour, slightly sweet with hints of marshmallow and vanilla.


Amber syrup is produced in the middle of the spring It’s getting warmer, the snow is melting and the ground is slowly thawing. The sap is starting to change, giving amber syrup a darker colour than the golden syrup, and a richer caramel flavour.


Dark syrup is produced at the end of the spring, when the snow has almost completely melted and the ground has thawed. The sap is thicker and milkier, giving the dark syrup a robust burnt caramel flavour.

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