Our shop in Mtl

We love maple syrup! Check out our boutique for the best maple products and baked goods sweetened exclusively with maple syrup. We also carry a selection of fine food and prepared dishes, alcohol and local artisanal products.

The best maple syrup in Montreal

Boiled using traditional methods in tanks heated over a wood fire at our family property in Saint-Julien, our line of quality maple syrup products is ready for you to enjoy.

Baked goods

Look no further for comforting desserts like you’ve never tasted, inspired by our grandmothers’ recipes and updated with a French, English or vegan spin! We’re the only producers who don’t use white or brown sugar in our recipes.

Maple squares, caramel-almond-chocolate vegan bars, maple syrup–infused marzipan cake, Queen Elizabeth maple cake, maple-zucchini-lemon cake—our updated traditional recipes are worth the detour.

Daily menu

Each week, we offer a menu of prepared dishes including soups and salads. We offer vegan, vegetarian and meat options.

Local products

You can also browse our selection of products made by Québécois artisans. In total, over 200 local food and alcohol products are available!