Our syrup

Our mountain property, wood boiler and love for agriculture is what makes our maple syrup so unique. Because our syrup is bottled every day and never blended, you can discover all the different flavours of maple syrup that nature has to offer, from the beginning to the end of the harvest.

Les familles de sirop d'érable


Golden syrup is produced at the beginning of the spring. Because it’s still cold out, the sap is completely clear. This gives golden syrup a light colour and delicate flavour, slightly sweet with hints of marshmallow and vanilla.


Amber syrup is produced in the middle of the spring It’s getting warmer, the snow is melting and the ground is slowly thawing. The sap is starting to change, giving amber syrup a darker colour than the golden syrup, and a richer caramel flavour.


Dark syrup is produced at the end of the spring, when the snow has almost completely melted and the ground has thawed. The sap is thicker and milkier, giving the dark syrup a robust burnt caramel flavour.

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